The ultimate suite of products for eXp agents.

A Revolutionary Real Estate Sales

and Recruiting Platform


Your contacts are your greatest resource. Protect it, build it, and create life-long relationships.


Your agents win more listings when they have great conversations. Great conversations happen with MoxiPresent.


Effortlessly automate tailored email to stay in touch with every contact, and unlock the opportunities in your database


Moxi Present is an easy-to-use, interactive CMA presentation tool that you can update on the fly as your conversation with buyers and sellers evolve.


Find the right folks and build the best community of real estate experts.


Simple setup, smart automation, higher returns. Your dollar goes further with MoxiPromote.

The Tech Suite platform is a natural alignment for what eXp agents who think BIG are focused on. Keeping you and your teams productive and selling homes so you have a clear gateway to focus on recruiting & attraction helping the organization grow.

The ultimate suite of products for eXp agents.

Our suite of products includes MoxiEngage, MoxiTalent, ActivePipe, MoxiPresent, MoxiPromote, and MoxiImpress, all in one place, making it easier for you to streamline your workflow and achieve your goals.

Are you ready to elevate your real estate career to new heights?

Picture a future where closing deals effortlessly and attracting top-tier agents becomes second nature. MoxiWorks is the game-changing tool that will make this a reality. With its comprehensive suite of features, MoxiWorks empowers you to maximize your sales potential and create financial freedom like never before.

Step by step tasks with great customer support

MoxiWorks is the crème de la crème of real estate CRMs today, especially when it comes to Ninja Selling and nurturing your sphere of future clients and agents you will recruit to eXp. It has the undeniable power to level up agents' businesses in every area from marketing and AI-driven lead follow up, to agents who are focused on recruiting and retention. This is a game-changing technology for agents.

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